Who We Are

If something defines our company is our constant commitment to deliver excellence in service with quality materials and products.

From the very beginning, when our founder Mr. Pete Rivera established his first woodwork shop called Pete’s Cabinet Shop, we enter into a honest relationship with our customers to guaranteed them that every piece manufactured at our shop will fulfill and exceed the client expectations.

Mr. Pete started this business more than 50 years ago when he returned to Puerto Rico after a short tenure in the United States where he fell in love with woodworking. In the early 1960’s he started his Pete’s Cabinet Shop in a decade where the urban areas and the middle class families were rapidly growing in Puerto Rico, and a great need for this kind of service and workmanship was rising.

As his business and the need for other products grew he added other lines to his production such as wall covering and gypsum board works. As his reputation for quality was spreading he also started to do either residential or commercial projects. It was just the right time for the cabinet shop to evolve in to Pete’s Decorations growing to a more complete woodwork shop with up to 10 employees.

As the 1980’s arrived, son Axel, who studied mechanical engineering, joined his father Pete in the business bringing fresh ideas that will make way for the company as it is known nowadays. RIAX Interior General Contractors was born after he suggests the name and the new concept to his father.

“We wanted to take the business to a level that the client would clearly differentiate an interior contractor from a general contractor”, Axel Rivera actual RIAX President stated. Thus we continue to grow as a specialized interior contractor, acquiring more complex orders and working closely with designers and architects.

Mr. Pete retired in 1992, leaving the company in his son hands.

Today we continue to concentrate on details, as we became the liaison between the client and the designer, making our first priority to satisfy the client needs, the designer’s wishes while keeping our promise of quality and excellence.

RIAX has grown, not only as the most prestigious general interior contractor in the Puerto Rico market, but expanding it services to become a general contractor for any kind of project that includes all sort o materials. Its quality performance has been recognized with award winning works.

1960's - Mr. Pete Rivera establishes his first workshop- Pete's Cabinet Shop

1970's - The shop evolve to Pete's Decorations

1983 - Axel Rivera joined his father