Quality Services

Riax specializes in interior construction, regardless of design, size, scope and area of business, such as retail store, offices for architects, attorneys and other professionals, as well as restaurants, hotels, medical facilities and others. Riax offers a complete and competent array of service to fulfill the most demanding and ambitious projects.

Being a specialized interior contractor, Riax works in all phases of interior construction, from the bare shell, including demolition, design, concrete woks, dry wall partitions, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, air conditioning and all other related areas. Every phase is professionally coordinated and supervised.

When required, Riax will work in perfect coordination with other companies or professionals directly contracted by the client. Our policy to work in close communication with these professionals, will always results in a functional and efficient final product.

Riax has the ability to adapt to different methods of work, including functioning as a construction manager with all applicable laws and local and federal regulations, including those related to safety methods and insurance.

Riax has made a name for its quality product in the most delicate and fine area of construction: interiors.

Attention to Details

Riax has become a respected name in the industry, standing out for its attention to detail and providing consistent quality work. A Company with a solid financial standing, Riax has the ability and capacity to build what others strive to accomplish, taking on the most challenging interior projects.

Their universal standards are: understanding design and requirements, taking special care to every detail and striving for excellence in every job.

Riax takes on every project with passion and a true commitment to excellence, understanding that each project is unique and every client has his/her own style. Adapting to the strictest requirements and searching for effective and efficient solution for every client, is an important part of the company’s philosophy. Riax handles projects without interfering with the operations in the company, placing close attention on care and respecting the client’s privacy.